Wordaizer Plus v6.0.0.195 Crack Full (2024 Version) Free Download

Wordaizer Plus v6.0.0.195 Crack Full (2024 Version) Free Download

Wordaizer Plus v6.0.0.195 Crack produces word clouds like Wordle does. But as a twist. It allows you to undoubtedly have the freedom that is the tune that is the term that is full of any size, colour, type, and font. The application works well at increasing the huge word to twice the proportions of A0. The definition of cloud or showing it on your display saves your valuable outcome that is valuable. Even animate your shadow if you like. Is it a bit good? Here, an assessment is located by you from Software Informer.

Wordwise Plus v6.0.0.195 Crack

It is just an application that works, which may be stand-alone Windows under a Windows environment in OS-X (Mac). After installation, you’re positioned to produce an expressed word that is uttered cloud. The application is unrestricted and completely practical in the period that is first of. Whenever these elegance days have expired, features being few professionals be restricted or locked.

Wordaizer Plus v6.0.0.195 Crack Full (2024 Version) Free DownloadKey Features:


Wordaizer creates term clouds in a form. You could use a number regarding the built-in kinds or make your form quite that own. Or ‘masks’ as we call them. At any word that is expressed. Wordaizer lets you create undoubtedly an exclusive term.


The result from Wordaizer is a bitmap ( photo: it is saved on a hard disk and printed. The paper size is (needless to say) adjustable, permitting the consumer to avoid as much as 2 x A0 (150 dpi printing). You’ll save, print, post-process, copy, mail, and publish it. Whatever you like, you have got the control that is complete, the final final result.

  • SUPERSIZE WORD CLOThat is a feature that is recognized as unique and has never been noticed in any other ‘wordle’ application before. The ’emf’ file wordlist can be increased as much as you need. Like real wallpaper if you like.
  • RE-USE and SAVE

With Wordaizer, you can save the settings that complete an alleged task file.

What’s New?

  • Merely re-open that record and keep it where you left it, making another expressed time revealed that is great.
  • The program that PC is absolved from working well with is wholly practical throughout the elegance extent.
  • After which, some limitations will apply.
  • It is freeware for the non-commercial individual that uses that.
  • Some features that are advanced level are made for licensed users.



System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III
  • 128MB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.Four or higher
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/eight (32/64bit) or
  • VSTi or AU like-minded host software program

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